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Manufacturing Process

Air Compressor and Chilling Unit

The free saturated air is sucked from atmosphere through a highly efficient dry-type suction filter into the first stage of the horizontally balanced opposed, lubricated reciprocating air compressor. Compressed air is chilled to 12°C in a chilling unit or evaporation cooler, compressed air passes through the coils of the chilling unit at a temperature of 12°C to a moisture separator, where the condensed moisture gets removed before entering into Molecular Sieve Battery. Before sending the air to MOLECULAR SIEVE BATTERY, air is passed through an OIL ABSORBER where air becomes oil free.

1. Crank ShafT 11. Cylinder IInd STG 21. Collector Oil
2. Bearing Big End 12. Valve Suction 22. Crosshead Lubricating Pipe
3. Rod Connecting 13. Grill Protection 23. Distance Piece
4. Bush Small End 14. Plate IntermediateIInd STG 24. Rod Pistons
5. Valve Delivery 15. Deflector Oil 25. Gland Packing
6. Nut Blocking 16. Ring Oil Scraper 26. Plate Intermediate 1st STG
7. Bush Carrier 17. Guide Crosshead 27. Piston 1st STG
8. Piston IInd stage 18. Crosshead 28. Cylinder 1st STG
9. Ring Sealing 19. Crankcase
10. Ring Bearing 20. Cover Inspection

Purification of Air (Process Skid)

Chilled air passes through the Molecular Sieve Battery consisting of Twin Tower packed with molecular sieves to remove moisture and carbon dioxide present in the air.

Molecular Sieve Battery operates on Twin Tower System, when one tower is under production the other tower is regenerated by passing waste nitrogen gas at 200°C through a REACTIVATION HEATER. After interval of 8 to 10 hours, the tower under production gets exhausted and regenerated by similar process before use and, thus the cycle continues. Any dust particle gets filtered in the DUST FILTER before air enters the AIR SEPARATION COLUMN All the equipments are mounted on process skid.

Air Separation

Chilled, Oil-free and moisture-free air enters into multi-pass HEAT EXCHANGER No. 1 where it gets cooled to (-80) deg C by cold gained from outgoing waste nitrogen and oxygen.

A part of air, this enters a multi-pass HEAT EXCHANGER NO. II or LIQUEFIER made of special alloy tubes. This air cools to (-170) deg C before passing through an expansion valve. Due to Joule Thompson Effect, after the expansion valve, air gets further cooled down and gets liquefied before entering into Bottom Column.

Rest of air at (-80) deg C from Heat Exchanger No. I enters into a highly efficient EXPANSION ENGINE, where the air further gets cooled down to (-150) deg C before entering into bottom column. The liquefied air from both these streams collected at the BOTTOM COLUMN is known as RICH LIQUID (See process flow sheet).

The RICH LIQUID in the BOTTOM COLUMN enters into feed tray of top column. Similarly the liquid nitrogen called POOR LIQUID enters into top column as a reflux & it takes away the latent heat of condensing oxygen and gets vaporized whereas the liquid oxygen flows down the trays of the TOP COLUMN into the Condenser. Liquid Oxygen from CONDENSER passes through a SUB-COOLER to a LIQUID OXYGEN PUMP.

Cylinder Filling Station

Liquid Oxygen & Nitrogen passes from the condenser to the cryogenic liquid oxygen pump for filling gas into cylinders.

A. Capacity from 20 cubic Meter / hour to 500cubic Meter/ hour
B. Pressure (150 kg/cm2) upto 300 kg/cm2

Consisting of the following

1. Cryogenic Pump
2. Internal Vaporizer
3. Cylinder Filling Manifold
4. Gas Lines

Nitrogen filling from Gas Holder/Pipe Line by means of a separate nitrogen filling system from by product nitrogen coming from the cold box of the oxygen gas plant.

A. Capacity from 20 cubic Meter/ hour to 500 cubic Meter/ hour
B. Pressure upto 155/ 200/ 300 kg/cm2

Consisting Of Following

1. Gas Compressor
2. Gas Holder
3. Cylinder Filling Manifold
4. Gas Lines

Cylinder Testing Station

Cylinder Testing Station are supplied complete with all accessories including Motorized Hydraulic Pump,Cylinder Vice , Tilting Device ,Calibration Level etc. can be supplied separately on request.

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